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For indoors and outdoors, no interruption to your ideas.

Ideal Work® solutions allow to obtain unique and precious surfaces, with all the intrinsic value that only handcrafted creations have; that extra something loved by those who do not seek the perfection of serial production. It is in the very nature of the material they are made of, concrete, the heart of their imperfect beauty. Microtopping is perfect for renovations, on top of old tiles, on a radiant floor, on a wooden surface. Above all Microtopping

In just three millimeters thick it allows you to renew any surface: concrete, ceramic, wood … the excellent qualities of adhesion of Microtopping and its specific preparation, make it applicable to any type of support.
Moreover, it is not necessary to remove the existing surfaces and you do not even need to adjust the present frames. Simplicity and comfort, first of all.
Our professionalism and the constant search for innovative solutions has allowed the meeting with leading companies, such as the Ideal Work, which have chosen exclusively us for the city of Venice for the implementation of their products, as the Microtopping. Thanks to the Ideal Work products we can reinterpret and innovate materials proposing flexible and customizable solutions: this is our philosophy.
A few millimeters or a more high thickness to us do not make the difference: we are able to create floors and surfaces that fit both in new construction and the renovation of existing buildings.

Beauty is unrepeatable


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