Our intervention is not limited to the laying / restoration of the floor but it is divided into a series of steps necessary to achieve the goal of a work to perfection.


For years we have been restoring Venetian Terrazzo, Pastellone and Opus Sectile Floors in the most important historical palaces of Venice such as Palazzo Ducale, the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, a lot of churches such as the Church of San Pantalon, hotels such as the Hotel Danieli …

“Tradition cannot be acquired as an inheritance; and if you want to possess it, you have to conquer it with great effort”

T.S. Eliot

prestigious restoration

The restoration of a Venetian terrazzo may occur depending on the state of degradation with two different procedures. You can “reset” the entire terrace, bringing it back to the original state of the pose or “patch” any missing parts. In both cases, essential are the terrazzo master experience and sense of color, and the compliance of the “art” that has always accompanied the creation and restoration of these floors.
The operation begins with the sanding of surfaces by means of abrasive called “mole kneading”, in progression from a coarse to a fine grain, to smooth hollows and smears of the floor. Subsequently, the floor is washed to be prepared to the next step of grouting. This step consists of manually spreading a mixture of stucco with oil and natural pigments to fill any porosity
When everything is completely dry, it is possible to proceed with the polishing. This occurs through the use of finishing grinding wheels of extra-fine grit. The completion of the process requires the oiling of the floor with rags jute to facilitate the absorption to saturation, so to make the floor water-repellent.


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